Children & Teenagers

We have teachers experienced in teaching children and teenagers, we can get 2-3-year olds interested in a foreign language in fun ways, we can motivate teenagers who have given up on learning or improving their own language or a foreign language, and we help prepare for exams.

At Sunshine Languages, we know what it takes to motivate children and teenagers. We teach languages to children using games, songs, pictures and fun activities that stimulate the child. Teenagers are given materials which catch their interest, we find out what they like, what their interests and hobbies are, and base the teaching on these.

The classes are set up 100% according to the need of the student and the wishes of the parents. Materials consist mainly of handouts relevant to the students specific needs and interests. We help you as a parent decide how many times per week your child or teenager should have class, how much homework is realistic, and when the classes should take place.


Classes can take place at your house, at our premisses on Larslejsstræde in the center of Copenhagen or in Elsinore. Materials are included in the price.

Contact us for more details and an exact offer for your needs and wishes.


Language teaching and translation. Classes designed 100% to your needs with professional teachers.


Whatever you need to improve, we can help. We teach what you need, with relevant, specific materials.


Songs, games and fun are the main ingredients of our language classes for children and teenagers. And it works.


Any language combination at very competitive prices. Articles, documents, books, just let us know what you need.