Translation & interpretation

We have been offering our translation services worldwide since 2000, and have had many important clients over the years, many who have stayed with us. We offer any language combination, our translators have a university degree and many years translating experience, are native in the target language and native or near native in the source language. We charge per source word, meaning we can tell you the exact price before starting the job. Our prices start as low as DKK 0,50 per source word.

Sunshine Languages has recently started offering interpretations, and has been very successful in doing so. Our interpreters are bilingual in the languages they interpret, and are highly skilled and professional. We have managed to build up a strong team of good interpreters, and offer interpretations for the languages Danish, English, German, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish and Serbo-Croatian. If you need another language combination you are welcome to contact us, many of our interpreters are multilingual.

These are some of our clients.

· University of Copenhagen

· Sprogcenter Nordsjælland - North Sealand Language Center

· National Geographic (Infocus Asia)

· Danish Ministry for Integration

· Untertitel-Werkstatt Münster GmbH & Co. KG.

· Handelsskolen Sjælland Syd

· Journal of Forensic Science

· Sorroca Serrano Lawyers

· Oxford House Barcelona

· Sky Tours

· Air Europa

Contact us for more details and an exact offer for your needs.



Language teaching and translation. Classes designed 100% to your needs with professional teachers.


Whatever you need to improve, we can help. We teach what you need, with relevant, specific materials.


Songs, games and fun are the main ingredients of our language classes for children and teenagers. And it works.


Any language combination at very competitive prices. Articles, documents, books, just let us know what you need.