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Sunshine Languages is owned by Stine, who has a teaching degree from Copenhagen University as well as a TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) degree from Oxford House College Barcelona. Stine is bilingual Danish/English (US), and has been teaching since 2003 in Denmark, Spain and Venezuela, and teaches English and Danish as well as German, Spanish and Catalan. She has also been translating worldwide since 2000.


Sunshine Languages has a highly professional and experienced staff, consisting of teachers with great knowledge of the language they teach, and with a passion for languages in general. Our translators are native in the target language and native or near native in the source language.


Many of our teachers speak and teach more than one language, and know how it feels to be on the learning side of the table.

About Copenhagen


Copenhagen (København) is the capital of Denmark and has a population of almost 2million. In the city you can find famous sights such as the Little Mermaid, famous worldwide and based on the story of Hans Christian Andersen, the Round Tower, built by King Christian IV 1637-1642 and with spectacular views over the city, Nyhavn, the waterfront with bars, cafés and shops, Amalienborg, home of the royal family, and much more.


About Elsinore


Elsinore (Helsingør) is located less than 1 hour north of Copenhagen, and is a small village with a population just under 50.000. Elsinore is most famous for Kronborg, the castle where Shakespear's Hamlet takes place, but also offers cultural events, museums and a car-free center with shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. From Elsinore you can take a ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden in just 20 minutes.



What do our clients say?


"I was relocated to Copenhagen through a global advertising agency and I did a lot of research into language companies over here. I settled on Sunshine Languages for two reasons:

1. I'd get a much more personal and tailored service.

2. Stine.

Not only was she highly recommended to me but she was very passionate and had incredible patience. She also had a great sense of humor and made learning Danish a pleasure.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Sunshine Languages to anyone. And that's exactly what Stine's company brings to your life. Sunshine and happiness.

Which, by the way, is very much needed in Denmark!"

Jason Mendes

Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi



"Ich wollte die Sprache lernen, dänisches Leben erleben und eine gute Zeit haben. Das hatte ich voll und ganz. Ab dem zweiten Tag sprachen die Verkäufer in der Stadt weiter Dänisch mit mir und antworteten mir nicht zuvorkommend auf Englisch. Ich hatte immer eine kompetente Lehrerin zur Hand, die mir alles erklärt hat. Ich wusste, dass ich jederzeit um alles fragen konnte, was meinen Aufenthalt sehr entspannt hat. Ich höre jeden Abend mindestens ein Kapitel meiner Hörbücher, die ich in Dänemark erstanden habe. Ich hoffe allerdings, dass ich nicht so lange warten muss, bis ich wieder nach Dänemark reise, denn diese drei Hörbücher haben jeweils eine Laufzeit von 45 Stunden.

Ich vermisse Land, Leute, Sprache und das Meer. Wenn sich der Erfolg des Sprachkurses an der Sehnsucht bemisst, kann ein solcher Aufenthalt nicht erfolgreicher sein."

(I wanted to learn the language, experience the Danish life, and have fun. And I completely did. Already from the second day, the sales people in the city spoke to me in Danish and didn't answer in English. I always had a competent teacher close by, who explained everything to me. I knew that I could ask about anything, anytime, which made my stay very relaxed. I listen to at least one chapter of the audio-books I bought in Denmark every evening. I do hope, however, that I don't have to wait long until I go back to Denmark, since the audio-books are only 45 minutes long. I miss the country, the people, the anguage and the ocean. If the success of a language course can be measured in the longing to return, such a stay could not have been more successful)

Kristine Löbbert, blind student from Freiburg, Germany



Sunshine Languages teaches mainly in companies or in the client's home. For this reason we have a small office in Humlebæk, and rent spaces in and around Copenhagen when necessary.


Visits to the office are only possible with appointment.


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